Technical Support Services

One-stop aftersales service for worry-free repairs.

iPhone Display Replacement

Whether if you have a broken glass or need an LCD replacement, we have you covered.

Data Recovery

We recover data from broken, damaged, water damaged, and unresponsive mobile devices.

Technical Support Sessions

On-demand remote or onsite assistance for your personal or small business technical support needs.

iPhone Display Replacement

Don’t risk damaging the casing by attempting a do it yourself repair if you have a cracked or broken iPhone screen. It is more affordable and convenient to use our repair center here locally in Columbia, South Carolina. With us, you always get the most competitive price for the job. We are experts when it comes to fixing broken screen glass, digitizer problems, or any other front display problems. We have the parts in stock to install the replacement parts that you need, without making you wait.

Steps To get Started:

Display Repair

Please follow the instructions below to book your appointment. By clicking on the word “appointment” below you will be redirected to a link to fill out a reservation form if you have any questions please contact us today.

Get In Touch

Step 1:

Book an Appointment OnlineEmail, or call/text 803-395-0400


Step 2:

We confirm your appointment, show up at your requested time, and quickly repair your device.

Repair Completion

Step 3:

Within an hour of our arrival, your device is repaired the same day and ready for pick up.

Mobile Data Recovery

Our Prime Tech IT Technicians specialize in Logical data recovery from Allocation Errors in the memory, Corrupt Files, and similar logical errors affecting mobile devices operating iOS and Andriod software platforms.

What to Expect:

Data Recovery

Devices using the iOS architecture store the data entirely on internal device memory. Specific to your device, the NAND flash memory will vary in size, but the process of storing the data itself is similar regardless of the model. The latest model devices using iOS also utilize instant encryption of the data before coded to the internal flash memory. 

This data protection technique is used by all the latest model Apple iOS devices making data recovery nearly impossible if the machine is severely physically damaged. There are exceptions to what is possible; please contact our support team to see if data recovery is an optio

Android architecture allows for different types of internal data storage, which are SIM cards, NAND Internal Memory, and Micro-SD cards. Prime Tech IT Technicians can read data from all of these, even the device is not powering on, or the storage is severely damaged.

Call our team of experts now. We will get you set up with an appointment for Adroid Operating Devices  today!



If you experience data loss on your mobile device, the first instinct is to take it to your local service provider or try an online tool but be careful. That may lead to permanent data loss as the recovery attempt may overwrite the live objects.

Note: DIY software or recovery attempts more often than not yield little or no results, leaving no chance for recovery afterward by a professional.

  1. Turn off the device immediately.
  2. Contact a professional mobile recovery expert right away.
  1. Do not attempt to power the device on.
  2. Contact a professional mobile recovery expert right away.
  1. Remove the battery/power source and do not attempt to power it on.
  2. Contact a professional mobile recovery expert right away.

Technical Support

Technical Services for 1 on 1 support session

If you require technical support, you are in the right place!  We offer both technical support through online chat or phone and on-site support options either at our local office or your location. Our seasoned Prime Tech Technicians will work with you to understand your goals, technical needs, and key dynamics to create the best option(s). 

Technical Support for Small to Mid Size Business

If your business is need of IT support management, computer IT support, remote and on-site support, computer repair, and maintenance services. Our dedicated IT professionals help you optimize your IT investment, reduce technology-related stress, and bring your focus back to your core business.

Prime Tech and Our Solutions...

  • Update, install or uninstall software
  • Install and enable security software
  • Install and connect wireless printers
  • Remove viruses, malware, and spyware
  • Connect and configure WiFi-enabled devices
  • Configure pre-existing file backup and sharing
  • Setup and access email and standard applications
  • Secure smartphones and tablets (Android & iOS)
  • Speed up a slow computer or laptop (PCs and Macs)
  • Setup & troubleshoot WiFi, network, & router issues.
  • Resolve issues with Windows, Android, and iOS devices.

On-Site Solutions

When remote support is unable to solve the issue, and it requires a hands-on approach, a field technician can be there to visit your organization and provide in-person service. Our technicians are certified in industry-leading technologies that can offer build an effective and secure IT support for your business.

Remote Solutions

Having a team of Prime Tech Technicians available by phone, chat, or email creates a network of resources. Resources that can provide your employees with the troubleshooting assistance they need through our Remote IT Support Centers offering tier 1, 2, and 3 technical support.